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About Us

Global Experience, Local Focus

Founded in 2005, Enfinity is now one of the world’s largest and most experienced solar PV development companies; we are active across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific the and have developed and built some of the largest solar energy projects in the world. Our deep knowledge of solar energy financing and development means we can seamlessly finance, develop and deliver even the most complex of renewable energy projects for our customers.

In the United States, Enfinity provides turnkey solar solutions for commercial, municipal and utility customers. We do this by crafting best-in-class approaches for the delivery of solar energy systems.

Enfinity is able to deliver these results time after time through a combination of unique factors:

  • Our deep international network of financial institutions and investors means we create a highly-customized financing vehicle for your solar energy system
  • The Enfinity process delivers maximum electricity production, accelerated investment recovery and guaranteed financial return in the long term
  • We provide one point of contact from start to finish, so that we are accountable for delivering results on time and on budget

Enfinity is technology-agnostic, meaning that we constantly review and analyze the performance of solar technology and products; the result is that we choose the most appropriate technology for each solar energy project on a case-by-case basis. In this way we guarantee the performance of each solar installation so that the financial and energy returns are maximized.

Enfinity At Five Years Download

“Enfinity At Five Years” download

About Us

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What do we look for in a solar project?

  • Commercial only (no residential projects)
  • 500 kW or larger only
  • Solar PV projects only
  • Projects must be mid-to-late stage in development
  • Municipal/school district projects welcome